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We care just as much as you do about giving your guests the best possible experience, and preventing any unforeseen catastrophes from occurring on your watch.

Providing security guards trained in crowd control


When organising an event, it’s entirely appropriate to have mixed feelings about the crowds it will draw. You want to get your message out to as many people as possible, and what better way to do that than to get lots of people together in a social atmosphere? However, this also means that your event will draw a higher risk of arguments and even altercations, let alone the deadly risk of someone who’s armed and looking to target a large crowd.

Fortunately, Auswide Security can minimise any risk with onsite crowd controllers. Our teams are trained to survey any crowd for potential threats, disarm and remove troublemakers, manage an evacuation in an emergency and ensure that everything remains as secure and pleasant as possible. The team at Auswide Security have formed strategic alliances with other companies to provide integrated services that use the latest surveillance and anti-terrorist technologies.

Event security hire in Melbourne and Australia that includes consulting

Throwing an event for your organisation can be a high-stress situation. We understand how much effort can be put into getting together your staff, promotional items, technical equipment, catering services and hospitality for any and all VIPs. It’s enough to make any organiser panic.

In addition to our crowd control experts, we offer onsite security consultants for any large event. Our team will evaluate the site and make appropriate changes without disrupting the entire occasion. We can take the form of waiters and bartenders, blending easily into any crowd and giving you one less headache on such an important date.

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Stay secure onsite with our expert event security guards hire

For more information about any of our security services offered, including mobile patrol as well as private parties, please request a quote online or call us today on 1300 287 943.


“Yemaya Festival understands the importance of having a professional, friendly and approachable security team to assist in keeping our patrons (and assets) safe and secure.
We chose Auswide Security for our contract last year based on their outstanding reputation in the events industry. It was the right decision to make and we look forward to working again with Mark and the team for future events.”

Pauline Hobbs, CEO Seaworks

“Mark and the team at Auswide Security have always done a great job looking after our events. The staff are always very professional and attentive while Mark has a tonne of knowledge and experience and is always more than happy to give some helpful advice. If you need any kind of security service I’d highly recommend having a chat to these guys.”