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Alarms may be a good way to wake up in the morning, but relying on them solely to keep properties or locations secure may not be the best idea. The response time to an alarm can result in escaped criminals and stolen property or much worse.Our team provides first-response agents and mobile security patrols for your area in Melbourne, set up at random or during specific times of the night or day. With random patrols, we can minimise the potential risk of an intruder on the premises.

However, we can also fit our vehicles to serve according to your schedule, so that you, your property and your people stay secure when they need it most.

Why we’re the leaders of Melbourne’s mobile patrol security companies

We operate a fleet of mobile patrol security vehicles, all of which are designed to be eco-friendly and equipped with digital tracking devices that allow us to monitor every car’s location. These cars include GPS and digital communications technology, which means that we are in constant contact with our local command centre and that all our clients will be notified immediately when an incident has occurred and been dealt with.

Because you’re investing in a more rigorous level of security, we select highly-trained senior security officers for our mobile patrols to rival all other companies’ personnel in Melbourne. These officers are chosen for their quick response time, their decision-making abilities and their ability to serve every client’s needs.

Comprehensive security services including mobile patrol and more

In addition to this, our company’s services stretch across many other aspects of security in Melbourne, including private parties as well as events and much more. Phone 1300 287 943 for a quote today.


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“Yemaya Festival understands the importance of having a professional, friendly and approachable security team to assist in keeping our patrons (and assets) safe and secure.
We chose Auswide Security for our contract last year based on their outstanding reputation in the events industry. It was the right decision to make and we look forward to working again with Mark and the team for future events.”

Pauline Hobbs, CEO Seaworks

“Mark and the team at Auswide Security have always done a great job looking after our events. The staff are always very professional and attentive while Mark has a tonne of knowledge and experience and is always more than happy to give some helpful advice. If you need any kind of security service I’d highly recommend having a chat to these guys.”


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